continues without pauses the bigg’s commitment to improve its application dedicated to regional mapping and road navigation. Today kicks off the release of the update that brings the Android version of Google Maps edition 9:39. As always happens in these cases, the update is downloaded and installed in a completely free, but may take a few days.

Most impatient can instead proceed immediately to download and manual setup of APK file (tested without any problem for the writing of this article). The most interesting is the one that concerns the traffic information . In detail, as shown in the screenshot attached below, the app is now able to show alerts in real time on queues that have formed in the vicinity of the user, thus helping to choose the best way to not remain bottled in transit. To make useful feature is especially its operation fully automatic: to receive notification is not necessary to specify any destination to reach.

Receive notifications about traffic conditions in real time, based on where you are.

The 9:39 version of Google Maps for Android introduces traffic alerts near

Obviously, to be able to make use must first activate the GPS module for geolocation. The feature is already available in Italy, and accessible from within the app or through a new widget 1 × 1 to be placed freely on the main screen of your smartphone. As said earlier, traffic alerts are now their debut in the Android version of Google Maps: at the moment we do not know if the rollout will soon also be of interest to the application iOS edition.

La nuova funzionalità introdotta da Google Maps mostra informazioni sul traffico nelle vicinanze, in tempo reale e in modo del tutto automatico

The new feature introduced by Google Maps shows traffic information in the vicinity, in real-time and fully automatically