The screensavers are a type of software that belongs to the past: the inevitable on the monitors of all computers in the mid-90s, they have gradually seen diminishing their attractiveness, so much so that today few people use them. Google, however, think that they can still be a good way to make more pleasant the use of the devices and is launching a new software called Screen .

is now available exclusively for Mac (is not given to know if you will ever be Windows or Linux version), and is distributed in Chromecasts connected to the TV. You get detailed information about each wallpaper and its author with a simple click. The result is visible below.

The software Screensaver Google+ and backgrounds app for Android devices

In his post presentation, bigg reminds users Android can do so by downloading (always free) l ‘ Backgrounds app so as to bring the background on the smartphone homescreen and tablet.


On this occasion, the group of Mountain View invites photographers in search of visibility to publicly share their shots on Google+, so that they can be shown on display around the world, gaining popularity. In this regard, we note for those interested the opportunity to become part of Create program so as to shine in the community of people who share the same interests.