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In times of economic crisis, finding opportunities with the best value for money for that vacation you and your family are planning for the end of the year is not easy task. The good thing is that in these times, you can count on the help of several sites for airline tickets search in finding the best deals.

One of them is Google Flights, which brings together the major airlines that operate worldwide and compares their offerings so that the user can always choose the option that best fits in your pocket.

Now, in its latest update, the airline tickets search engine for the search giant earns an automatic tracking feature flights, which will warn users – through a notification pop-up style – if prices decline or increase significantly if any search interest and how many days it can happen.

In other words, Google Flights happens to alert when a price is expected to expire and how much you will save depending on the purchase date. And if you still want to wait to buy a ticket, you can follow the flight or route and receive notifications about rate increases. The tips also include recommendations for dates and alternative airports.

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“Whether you are looking for a route to New York to San Diego, but did not select a specific flight yet, you can see a notification bar with several tips showing how to find the best price for this route,” explains Nabil Naghdy, product manager for Google Flights. The update was released on Tuesday, 18, and is expected to be released to everyone within the next few weeks.

It seems that Google is really committed to helping its users to plan their trips. Last month, the search giant launched Google Trips app which promises to help travelers organize their travel and hotel reservations, as well as offering guides to various cities and make personalized recommendations based on your history Google.

Source: Engadget

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