Expeditions is the ‘ initiative fielded by Google to exploit the potential of virtual reality in education, offering students an interactive, dynamic and fun to get to know topics and materials of all kinds: from geography to history, to art and science. All based on an affordable device like the viewer cardboard Cardboard .

According to allegations made by bigg on the pages of the official blog, the launch of Pioneer Programme of September, more than 200,000 students around the UK are immersed in virtual experiences on the Mont Blanc peaks as well as visiting the Edinburgh Castle. Today the group of Mountain View announces the arrival of 50 new tour bringing the total number available to overcome altitude 400. Among these are the one dedicated to the English ship Mary Rose battle, the Viking settlements and the discovery of the mystery surrounding the death of Richard III.

Even more interesting that, with the new Expeditions, the students can experience first hand, thanks to virtual reality the experiences of professionals such as developers, surgeons, chefs , personal trainers and much more. This way they can benefit from a first-person perspective and imagine what will be their future. Many of these were made by Google in collaboration with Twig . Bigg occasion announces that will continue to bring the project around the UK, providing everything needed to classes, completely free of charge, while it is not given to know whether the initiative will affect other countries of the old continent later.

Among the new Google Expeditions there is also one dedicated to Richard III