Google Earth improves timelapse with four years of new images


In the last hours, Google announced a new and important update to Google Earth one of the best app made for anyone who wants to look like it did our planet, introducing well four years of new images and several petabytes of data for a more accurate view of the Earth from 1984-2016 .

Taking advantage of the same techniques used for improving Google Maps in June the mode timelapse introduced way back in 2013, now provide a clearer vision of our planet with more realistic colors and fewer artifacts.

as to reach this goal, Google engineers had analyzed over 5,000,000 of satellite images of around the world captured by satellite Landsat 8 NASA launched into orbit in 2013.

The use of all those pixels was used to create 33 images of the entire planet, one for each year, viewable through the website Google Earth Engine in a new, high-resolution timelapse fluid comprising over 25 million video tile.

For more information, therefore we leave the post published by Google on his blog and to website Google Earth Engine where to display any changes made to our planet through the years in timelapse.

Giuseppe Ricchiari VIA SOURCE

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