Google Doodle for Louisa May Alcott and Little Women


Louisa May Alcott is remembered by Google with Doodle Today November 29 at exactly 184 years since the birth took place in Germantown (now part of Philadelphia) in 1832. then Disappearance in Boston March 6, 1888, the American writer is best known for tetralogy of books boys Little women but in his career he published under the pseudonym AM Barnard. Then passed down in history thanks to the global literary success when it came out in 1868 the first book in the series Little Women (Little Women: or Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy), who saw a lot of autobiographical mixed with a narrative of the society of the time, with irony and originality. Jo was just his alter ego, while the sisters were, in fact, the sisters of the protagonist. Later came Little Women grow (Good Wives) in 1869, then Little Men (Little Men) in 1871 and finally Jo’s Boys (Jo’s Boys) in 1886. Unlike Jo, however, Louisa never married.

 google doodle Bram stoker

Really suggestive Google Doodle thought for 165esimo Birthday of Bram Stoker ie the Irish writer become immortal just for writing Dracula . The custom logo search engine is a kind of summary of the main characters of the opera, which with a few strokes are reported under the word Google, of course in red blood, the only spot of color in an otherwise white net and black. Spectacular representation of the Count with his black coat that encloses the castle ready to welcome guests along with Brides of Dracula. It’s just the latest in a long series of literary Doodle . It is the characters in the popular Gothic novel the Doodle with the young lawyer Jonathan Harker in the novel is sent May 3, 1890 by its leader Peter Hawkins in Transylvania for house purchase to account, precisely, of Count Dracula. Here is the girlfriend of Jonathan, Mina Murray and the coveted friend Lucy Westenra courted by the director of the asylum John Seward the Texan Quincey P. Morris and Lord Arthur Holmwood which then relinquish. Finally, the professor Abraham Van Helsing which will have a key role to defeat the monster. Bram is the abbreviation of its Abraham: Stoker was born in Clontarf November 8, 1847 and died in London, April 20, 1912: This year is indeed also dropped the centenary of his death.

In addition to being a writer was also remembered for being the actor’s personal assistant Henry Irving and the business manager of the Lyceum Theatre in the same Irving property in London. A century after his death, though, everyone remembers their Stoker thanks to his work as a novelist, and the planetary success of Dracula. But then you know, vampires have always “pulled”, suffice to also look at today’s exploits in film and library …

Google continues with the presentation of beautiful literary Doodle : the last was dedicated to Moby Dick and therefore in Melville with a stylized logo which reproduced the form of the fearsome white whale. Also in October it was the turn of Winsor McCay with comic Little Nemo told with animation addictive. In June, Google had not forgotten by Luigi Pirandello, Nobel Prize for Literature, as well as March and Betrothed by Alessandro Manzoni, but we also saw the Doodle for the two hundred years of Charles Dickens, the for the centenary of Charles Addams, the other “Italian” by Italo Calvino, with Cosmicomiche and finally the Jules Verne with Nautilus.

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