Through the official website, Niantic announced that it has extended the functionality Pokémon Neighbors seen this summer in beta in some American cities, in other countries, including many Europeans. Fortunately Italy is part of this first tranche of renovation and therefore, as of this morning, all Italians coaches can take advantage of the new Pokémon Neighbors function introduced on Pokémon Go .

The update was server side so you will need to perform an update of your client, and allows you to take advantage of the new Pokémon tracking system with the aid of Pokéstop . In fact, by clicking on the radar, now you will have access to a screen that shows the list of the nearest Pokéstop us and which Pokémon you can find in their vicinity . Once you choose your Pokémon of our interest, you can click on the Pokéstop, select a new icon in the shape of footprints, and heading to the selected point of interest, which now will be identified on the map with an icon additional pink.

the new system will warn us even when the selected Pokémon timer expires inviting us to select a new one from the list. In this way you go to replace the previous tracking system, introduced in provisional form following the removal of this first mode to the launch. The first version allowed to have more precise control of the Pokémon in the immediate vicinity, indicating the approximate distance of each creature. The second version, the one this until yesterday, allowed to identify the Pokémon around, while having no clue as to their actual distance.

With the third version of the tracking system, the active today, introduces an element of certainty again since it is possible to find the Pokémon shown in the vicinity of Pokéstop chose, however, some users complain the absence of a radar which can detect the creatures in the immediate vicinity. In short, no solution will please everyone at the same time so we just have to test the new functionality, going to the Pokémon hunt!