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Global expenditures of companies with products and information security services should total US $ 81.6 billion this year, representing an increase of 7.9% compared to 2015, according to projections by Gartner.

For industries that develop software and data security services, the market is expected to grow 5% to 10% per year by 2020 with the demand from companies for software to detect data theft attempts and solutions to prevent such attempts.

Also according to the consulting firm, most data security spending is currently done with outsourcing consulting and IT services to solve problems. But the estimate for the period between 2017 and 2020 is that most of the costs be made with safety testing, IT outsourcing and other prevention services against loss of damage.

Currently, 50% of companies have at least one software or data loss prevention service. Gartner forecasts that this percentage will reach 90% by 2018, as companies deploy new software to protect and monitor data.

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