Giveaway Of The Week: 3 free copies for HorrorGrafia


Here we are with a new article devoted to the “HorrorGrafia” app to use with iMessage nicely to correct spelling errors in posts of your friends. Today, the app developer offers 3 redeem codes for faster users. Enter now in the article and try your luck!

Description app:

In a technologically advanced world, an era in which we are making important discoveries in all respects, reached distant worlds and achieved extraordinary goals, every day are still positioned at random the “h” of “year” and “have”, the accents of “is” to be, “and” conjunction and many other horrors that nowadays should be almost extinct … and yet still struggle to disappear! Whose fault is it? To you too often that correcting your friends and family maybe risking to offend them, even with all the good intentions of this world? Well, then today we have an app that can do for you: HorrorGrafia starts with the intention of correcting the iMessage with cute stickers .

N.B .: In order to properly use the code, you must first delete the asterisk (*)!

  • F * PE3F * W * 7A * 6 * 4PM
  • K9T7 * W * KA * FM * * JFE
  • N * 47 * LLM * 76XRM ** M


The app developer gives 3 redeem codes with which you can download free HorrorGrafia . We remind all users that such codes can also be used on the App Store ITALY. To know instead how to use the codes from iTunes or from your iPhone / iPad, read here .

The competition is all users ( registered and unregistered ) Site, excluding members of the editorial staff and the staff members of the forum (moderators).

We would be glad if you left a comment, after downloading the application, the ndicando the code you have used. Thanks!

Important : all published codes are fully functional. In some cases, however, for reasons that do not depend on us, the entries may appear: “ The code you entered is invalid. ” or “ The offeta associated with the song code has expired. “. If so, send an email to Fabio [dot] padula [at] writing as an object “HorrorGrafia | iPhone “attached one screenshots ( triggered by computer, iPhone or iPad ) with the code ( without asterisks ) and the error message issued from iTunes.

The faster you become eligible to receive a new working code by mail. This is why it is important to make sure to provide a valid email address and running.

If, on the other hand, should the item appears: “ This code has already been used. Each code can be used only once . “Or” Have you already had this code MUST NOT send any email, because the code has been properly used. The digit “CODES USED CORRECTLY” that will follow in the post title, will indicate the correct use of the codes by the users.

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