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The new role of giant emoji in conversations WhatsApp, released on Saturday, 15 to application users on Android did not fall in love the people. The news, which reached all the last public update the app to the system, was launched in July to iOS and early September for users Beta version to Android .

Now, sending a single emoji, lets the larger version in four different sizes. The largest appears when an icon is used solitarily, while diminish when rows two, three, four or more. If used in conjunction with text characters, the emoji is also in the smaller size.

Dissatisfaction was expressed on social networks both for users in Brazil and abroad, who complained of emoji larger. In Twitter posts, the icons are called “ugly” and “tacky”. Check out some complaints below:

So far, it is not possible to reduce the size of the largest emoji in message. The question is whether WhatsApp include this option in the next updates after criticism. And you, likes the new giant figures

Source: UOL

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