Among the titles to Milan Games Week 2016 was without a doubt Ghost Recon Wildlands new chapter in the much-acclaimed saga of Ubisoft that really seems to have all it takes to be one of the must buy titles next year. Unfortunately it was not possible to test first hand the demo version, therefore we had to settle for watching with envy big, shares of four players to Ubisoft, which showed the different characteristics of this promising title.


the demo highlighted the presence of a multiplayer segment in coop really out of the ordinary. The four teammates had as its task to break into a village in a region of Bolivia, to own by downloading the data from a PC and return to base. The four players are then divided into two teams, so as to control the mission from every point of view. In fact, a couple decided to take a seat in the highest points of the map and monitor the moves of his companions from a distance, so classically to clear the road, and if, to warn them of impending danger. At the same time, the second pair has had to penetrate the village tucking the stealth mode. We then witnessed the theft of a van belonging to the Cartel and the attempt was successful, to roam freely through the streets of town unnoticed. hard work for both teams in truth. Being able to complete the mission meant to coordinate perfectly. We witnessed several double and triple kill in order to reset the forces of evil in that area, thus freeing the passage to the soldiers and above all without setting off the alarm. Miss would mean, probably causing an alarm and have to quickly change strategy. Once you reach the goal, the players found themselves having to leave the area. To try to make things easier, the couple in the village decided to sabotage the electrical generator, so as to turn off the lights and act completely in the dark. Choice that still has a permit from the side to take advantage of the darkness of night in favor of the soldiers, but on the other to alarm the enemy soldiers, who were armed and quickly began to chase the Ghost. Thus we have seen different, and interesting, combat phases. The main team showcased not only the effectiveness of their guns, but also that of available gadgets, including the classic thermal sight, considerable help to move around in the dark. Needless to emphasize, however, the success of the mission, with its car fleeing from the protagonists.


Ubisoft has decided to show the public a mission at night, surrounded by a hostile location because not only the number of enemy soldiers, but also dressed up with an annoying rain, which made it difficult to analyze the movements of the bad on duty. The ability to use anyway gadgets, including a drone for reconnaissance, helped a lot the four Allied soldiers, who have been able not only to penetrate into the village without triggering any alarm, but actually conquer some other high locations to hold enemy (the classic towers for the lookout, NdSketchT).

The graphics engine has literally conquered us . It is still possible to analyze in depth the whole thing because we found ourselves in front of a demo, but the visual impact is something exceptional. Each movement is natural, as are the highlight and shadow games dictated by the structures between the different locations. It remains to see of course the rate of interactivity with the environment and especially the level of IA, factors not yet testable directly from us.

The same praise goes to the size of the game map, which is really huge. During the demonstration we were able to put their eyes only on location linked to the current mission, and the appearance was to be immersed in a vast area. The exploratory component will be one of the feature not to be taken very lightly.


Ghost Recon Wildlands is undoubtedly one of the titles that most impressed us during this Milan Games Week 2016. The compelling graphics engine, gameplay can leave complete freedom to the player and a coop mode so refined are definitely hoping. It remains to analyze different aspects, including the level of AI, aspect that could be the real balance of power. It will also be necessary to analyze the possibilities to tackle missions with different approaches, perhaps indulging in a completely action actions, or whether it will be necessary to have to always fall back on stealth solution.

Not so looking forward to be able to see first this promettentissima adventure license plate Ubisoft. See you for the day March 7, 2017, when Ghost Recon Wildlands will see light through the shelves of specialty stores.