Gears of War 4: at the weekend cross-play in versus mode between PC and Xbox One


This weekend finally find out if in Gears of War 4 are better players of Xbox One, with of course the pad, or those of the PC with mouse and keyboard.

The Coalition has announced a special event which takes place this weekend and will allow players to Xbox One challenge in versus mode in Gears of War 4 the PC players and vice versa.

The function is already present in the new episode of the popular series, as the title supports the Xbox Play Anywhere service, however at the moment the cross-play is active only in cooperative mode. The Coaltion has therefore decided to extend this support by joining in game server a special playlist that includes the following ways Team Deathmatch Dodgeball and King of the Hill .

The cross-play between Xbox One and PC, of ​​course, equipped with Windows 10, will be active from tomorrow Dec. 2, up to 5 days, in this time frame will also be active a bonus tied to XP points that will allow players to earn 1,500 XP for a win and 750 XP in case of defeat.

The goal of The Coalition is to understand through the gamer feedback if in the future it will be possible to activate the cross-play system even in competitive mode.

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