Gartner analytical company specialists prepared a forecast regarding information technology spending in 2017. According to them, for the year under the relevant articles will be spent 3.5 trillion dollars. This is 2.9% more than expected this year.

The largest growth is expected in the software segment. Analysts believe that this year will grow by 6.0% and in 2017 – 7.2%. In monetary terms, this segment is estimated at 333 billion dollars this year and 357 billion – in the future.

In second place is the segment of services for growth. This year it will grow by 3.9%, to 900 billion dollars, and in the future – by 4.8%, to 943 billion dollars.

In 2017, growth is expected also in the largest segment, which are communication services. Analysts believe that growth will be 1.9%, resulting in cash costs reached 1.41 trillion dollars. Note that according to preliminary estimates, this year the expenses in this segment will decline by 1.1% to 1.384 trillion dollars.

The reduction in the “Device” segment (analysts attribute to it a PC, mobile devices, and printers), expected in the current year at 7.5%, the same will be replaced by growth in the coming year – by 0.4%. In monetary terms, this segment in the current year will amount to 597 billion dollars in the next year – $ 600 billion.

on system costs for data centers this year will grow by 1.3%, to 173 billion dollars, and in 2017 – by 2.0%, to 177 billion US dollars.

Source: to Gartner

to Gartner