Thermaltake has expanded the range of Tt eSports gaming mouse model Black FP value of $ 60.

A distinctive feature of the manipulator – the presence of a fingerprint scanner. Together with the certification of FIDO and support AES encryption with 256-raznyadnym key, it turns the mouse into a PC add-on tool. In this case – the data protection tool. Fingerprinting can be used to replace passwords of various accounts and so on, but it requires Windows 10.

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With regard to the parameters directly to the mouse, it is based on a laser sensor Avago 9500 resolution of 5700 dpi. It is able to track the movement of the manipulator at a rate up to 3.8 m / s and an acceleration of up to 30 g. USB polling rate of 1000 Hz reaches usual.

The mouse has seven programmable keys and a cable length of 1.8 m. The dimensions of the device are 121 x 69 x 41 mm.

the Thermaltake