Game Review Mafia 3: Do not Be a Menace to New Bordeaux, sipping Bordeaux


The usual thing – the game met by their looks. Graphics are “soap”, smoothing works topsy-turvy in the mirror was something of Salvador Dali, weather nanyuhalsya glue Jacket hero lives his life and the only thing that can be seen clearly and from all angles – pimples on his face. The situation is the same as if someone wrote “Spartacus champion” on the flyleaf deluxe edition – like a trifle, and unpleasant. Understand disgruntled gamers as possible: that is, as a blockbuster, and should look like a blockbuster. But is it all a bad thing?

Black demobilization

Out door cafes bitnicheskoy muffled sounds «Paint it Black» by The Rolling Stones. A past, winding between ancient “Buick”, runs the witness of the crime. He wants to quickly get to a phone and call the police. But no luck: it catches up with blood-spattered black man in a military jacket – and cut down a well-delivered hook. Standing next to a dark-skinned happy pensioner: “Lord Jesus! Well feed! “Welcome to the New Bordeaux, also known as New Orleans late 1960s.

Mafia III

No, this is not GTA spin-off, and not just another comedy of the Wayans brothers, and criminal action Lincoln Mafia 3. Clay had just returned from Vietnam and not having properly was done on demobilization, hit into trouble. The “family” character – that is, have raised him gangsters and smugglers – had problems with Haitians. And then there’s “godfather” of the city Sal Marcano suggested to participate in the robbery of the federal treasury – well, a veteran of such refuse? Oath’s not for Lincoln wrote. However, diamond smoke was in the air for long: the Italian mafia has refused to share with the blacks, deciding that it would be cheaper to optimize them. The hero miraculously survived: it left the abbot of the local church, James’s father. And now Clay one goal – revenge


The death of Lincoln’s closest – is not the only caper plot, but more remarkable is the way it is filed with the story. Events conditional sixties alternate with shots of conditional (and sometimes real) chronicles, reports the CIA and the FBI, the testimony of the actors in the court, fragments of interviews, of which the player, for example, finds out that his father, James – also a veteran, but not Vietnam, and the second world.

Mafia III

Passions backed by cut-scenes with Hollywood characters and directing each other expressive. Leader of Irish thugs Burke, a dedicated CIA agent Donovan, a sophisticated villain Marcano, familiar from Mafia 2 Vito Scaletta – they all felt alive personalities, not dolls. Here the authors of the script drew off in full, and show aerobatics. Too bad the same can not be said about the authors of the gameplay.

You with a RANS?

After a brisk ties actions are reduced-rotation of the same meat. Before we get to the sharks, “Cosa Nostra”, the hero must catch in the murky waters of New Bordeaux, fish smaller parallel appropriating their hands on parts of the city. In practice, it looks like this: Lincoln detrimental to business of a bandit, destroying the brothels, shops, warehouses, distilleries, recruiting or killing the small fry. And then he has a chance to eliminate the owner and devastated businesses. Despite the structural uniformity, every problem can be solved in different ways. That is, whether to break with the battle, or remove enemies quietly, which route lay on the location, you finish the fight with the boss – all this you decide


Mafia III

If you shove ahead, by Mafia 3 will give dynamic shooting, where you have to shoot out of shelters and move from place to place, because the fences in the city of horseradish and fall apart under fire from machine once or twice. In the passage in the style of the ninja their own characteristics: the hero has to maneuver so as to mop up with the enemies one by one. This helps the eye and whistle. As expected, the shooting and stealth are unicellular, but they still do not cause such irritation as monotonous scenes of violence without emotion. Hide, whistled, stabbed, hiding, whistled, killed – and so ad nauseam. Immediately evident that the trip to Vietnam was held for Lincoln is not in vain.

Monotony? Yes. Developers brighten it as they can. For example, spread out before us a panel of scenery with regards age and other games – for example, the level of amusement park reminiscent of Max Payne 2. And that changed the scope of Clay. Avenger is not acting alone – it helps Haitian mad Cassandra, the prodigal son of the mafia Scaletta, sentimental sadistic alcoholic Burke and agent Donovan, a hero who knocks on friends and enemies. Each of the Allied Lincoln gives an advantage. For example, Haitians at the right moment customize arsenal on wheels, and Vito sends reinforcements from gangsters. In addition, they provide a unique hero guns – for example, a gun with a silencer will combine action and quiet passage. Of course, Mafia 3 is not tearing pattern and not enough of the sky.

Mafia III

Unjustified cruelty

Canons crime drama simple: the genre put good people in bad conditions, where all the light that they have left, is being tested at lice. With Lincoln Clay writers did a little differently. In the Vietnam War, he parachuted into the enemy’s rear, ambush, intercept drug party, sit down on your opponents, and even a hefty knife carried Dirty Jobs for the CIA. What he began returning to their slums of New Bordeaux? Yes, exactly the same, only instead of guerrillas in black pajamas under the distribution fell rednecks with Mississippi yes “Cosa Nostra”. Nothing can be done, then life is harsh: even if you have a chance at a normal profession away from the quagmire of crime, as proposed by the Lincoln Army comrade, you are still being charged a shotgun. I think it’s discrimination?

Mafia III

The trouble the protagonist is not in the color of the skin and in the struggle for equality (although the ’60s in America, it was still very important), and that he not only build, but also the IQ, like a gorilla. Perhaps that is why on robbing, killing and dismantling its competitors, he sent in a jacket with a stripe “Lincoln Clay, the US Army.” And at a meeting with accomplices-the bandits come, not hiding his radio earpiece, in which all calls are transferred directly to tape Donovan’s agent. Way to go, soldiers, ask them to heat! When problems arise, Clay offers to go and kill everybody. Adults, exchanged glances and meet him, “Yes, Lincoln, go and kill everyone.” The kid said – boy did: so many monotonous raskvashennyh persons and rip sip fans of the series have not seen. Yes, and very few people, except pathologists saw. Needless to say that Hit a hero in the true New Orleans at the time – he would quickly choke spaghetti and departed to feed alligators

Mafia III

shaded image of a maniac does not help even the moments when? Lincoln “includes a director,” and sets out a strategy accomplices capture urban areas. Against the background of Thomas Angelo and Vito Scaletta of the previous two “Mafia” Clay looks like rapper Syava compared to Frank Sinatra. If the Mafia 3 is a problem, ineradicable any patches and DLC – is a primitive person in the center of the plot. Which, despite the tragedy and xenophobia reigns around, not really something sympathize. Hangar 13, how is it?

Mafia III


This is why the Mafia 3 is mixed feelings. On the one hand, the game is easy to fall in love because brilliantly passed surroundings and supply the plot. And the soundtrack is phenomenal at all: sometimes, get to your point, especially to sit up in the car to listen to the song. Behind her, maybe one more – well, who will miss the «Fortunate Son» zaboristy hit or Elvis? On the other hand, we are asked to get used to the role of a monster, Myasnitskaya performing routine, and in between a busy collection of drawings in the style Pin-up girl so retro releases of “Playboy”. Not shooter adds charm and technical side: living enemies sometimes get stuck in the textures, the dead fall through the wall. Levitate objects, convertibles beat in a fit of epilepsy and drug dealer in the car with a bullet travels tires as Schumacher in the best years. Nobody on rims not tried to drive, no? That’s it.

In short, determine who the gunman like, and who does not – it is difficult. If you want no frills and clean voltage criminals, and then ride under the cheerful music on maslkare third “Mafia” certainly will have you on the soul. But if you need the novelty of the gameplay, like to consider the texture, to compare the damage of machines, watch out for extras on the streets and check whether the hero will fall into hell, wrapped not there … no, guys, you do not at this address. Or at least wait for the patches, DLC, and even better – discount



  • game perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the 60’s in the United States;
  • interesting storytelling;
  • can crack the night shop for a plate with rock and roll.


  • primitive protagonist;
  • from the monotonous gameplay and violence dazzled;
  • many technical errors and bugs.


  • Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • Tested on: the PC
  • Developer : the Hangar 13
  • Publisher: 2K Games
  • Released in Russia: October 7, 2016
  • Localization: yes (text and subtitles)
  • Price: 1999 rubles Steam, 3999 rubles per PS Store, 3999 rubles in the Live
  • System requirements: OS: Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10; Processor: Intel I7-3770 or AMD FX 8350; Video card: GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon R9 290X; RAM: 8 GB; Free space on disk storage: 30 GB
  • .

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  • Should I buy now: no

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Lyricist: Alexander Bursov


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