The last year, the Kickstarter Gun Media studio has collected more than $ 800,000 to develop a game based on the famous horror film “Friday the 13th” about one of the most famous kinoubiyts Jason Voorhees. The game release was scheduled for October this year, but recently the developers have announced the postponement of the release of the next year. The reason for the delay sufficiently weighty – Gun Media Studio has decided to add a single mode, which many users have requested. Initially, developers planned to release only a multiplayer mode, in which one person plays for Jason, and seven others -. For his victims

The developers have not yet reported, who will be the main character in the single player campaign. It can be as Jason, and ordinary people who have to survive the encounter with the killer. In addition to the single mode, in Friday the 13th: The Game will also appear with the bot mode. About him, too, as long as there are no details.

At the end of this year will be held the closed beta, which will have access to all those who supported the project on Kickstarter. The first players will receive four keys for access to the beta, which they can share with your friends. At the beginning of next year will release a multiplayer mode Friday the 13th: The Game Tommy Jarvis as a playable character, and will be released in the summer and the single player campaign mode with bots


All the details about Friday the 13th: The Game is available on the a Kickstarter .