Galaxy S8 with autofocus on the front cam for selfies perfect


To all selfies. Samsung intends to increase with intelligence the already remarkable view front camera on the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge went out last spring: instead of unnecessarily increasing the 5 megapixel (more than enough for self-portraits defined), the next flagship smartphone of the Korean giant should in fact mount a selfie-cam equipped with autofocus.

Currently, AF technology is still a substantial chimera in front of mobile cameras, thus forcing the self author to move the phone up nervously watching in the display, he is facing you, a satisfactory yield. Thanks to this innovation (subsequent introduction of flash in the S7 front chamber), the company’s Seoul confirms its ambitions pioneer in the evolution of the photographic performance of the smartphone world.

An intention apparently confirmed by the second rumor of the day, perhaps just as interesting: it seems that Korean engineers intend to change the sensor, installing the Galaxy S8 front headlight an updated version of the already excellent element admired on S7 and S7 Edge.

If the rumors were to be confirmed it is clear that the next high-end smartphone from Samsung would win in a blink of an eye the favor of that ever-increasing slice of careful consumers more to selfies than to click the “canons.”

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