Galaxy S8 7 beats iPhone in the first test appeared on the network

 Galaxy S8 innovation

According to some alleged benchmarks of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 will be more powerful iPhone 7: everything about the processor, but the advantage would not last long

Just a few days for the official launch of Galaxy S8, near the top of the range Samsung that could give a hard time to 7 iPhone in terms of performance. To mention the benefit is a recent video posted on Vimeo that would show the alleged AnTuTu benchmark tests run on incoming terminal, apparently distinct advantage over his closest rival. Merit for the lead would last Qualcomm processor, the Snapdragon 835 should precisely fit the new Samsung smartphone and through whom he obtained a score of 205,248 points: a higher value than that obtained in the same tests from the iPhone 7 , which has collected instead of 181 807 points.

while the A10 Apple Fusion chip is constructed by means of a manufacturing process to 14 nanometers, while the Qualcomm processor would be accomplished through a 10 nanometer process: in essence, this means that all the transistors within the latter are closer to one another, thus improving performance and reducing the consumption of energy. Qualcomm claims that the new processor is 35% smaller than the previous generation and requires 25% less energy, is essentially designed to ensure greater autonomy and enhanced playback of VR and AR content.

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