The Milan Games Week 2016 is an unmissable annual event for gamers and those who love technology. Among the main companies present there is AVM, publisher of the popular FRITZ! Box modem and router that provides Internet connectivity stable. Among the products of the Box FRITZ! It is the FRITZ! Box 7490, top of the line router modem designed for gamers and all the most demanding users. Just to learn more about FRITZ bottom! Box 7490 we interviewed Daniele Belloni responsible for distribution of AVM Italy. All that remains, then, that soprire together the reasons for choosing the FRITZ! Box and what are the main advantages for all gamers.

When it comes to gaming, especially online gaming, it is imperative to have at its disposal a permanent Internet connection on all connected devices.

Through careful synergy between hardware and software, AVM is distinguished by an innovative approach that turns in the FRITZ! Box, a range of devices for all needs.

To make online gaming need a good connection, but also a quality device. For this reason there is the FRITZ! Box, a computer developed entirely in Germany with 5 years warranty and firmware entirely in Italian . “

Compared to many other devices, the FRITZ! Box is a product that stands out for its ability to offer at any time a stable connectivity for wired, or through WiFi.

AVM pays particular attention to the design, construction and implementation of firmware, checking every single aspect and inserting hardware first quality components.

The flagship of the FRITZ! Box family is definitely the FRITZ! Box 7490, modem router, designed for the gaming world, which is characterized by support for the new WiFi standard ac. The maximum data transfer speed of WiFi 802.11ac is equal to 1300 Mbit / s, whereas with WiFi 802.11 n can be reached at 450 Mbit / s.

Fritz! Box 7490, we discover why buy it, the interview with Daniele Belloni

In terms of technical specifications, the FRITZ! Box 7490 is equipped with four Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports, DECT base station to which you connect up to 6 cordless telephones, VDSL or ADSL port and support for analog phones, voice mail and fax , in addition to the ISDN bus for dedicated telephones or PBXs.

To top it all there are also two USB 3.0 ports for connecting printers, external storage devices, external drives 3G or 4G, easily managed through firmware FRITZ! OS.

FRITZ! Box 7490 is a high quality product, especially designed for gamers who are extremely demanding and in need of a stable product that will ensure them a fast, reliable connection .”

Just the firmware FRITZ! OS is one of the main strengths of the FRITZ! Box 7490. Constantly updated with new features and security patches, FRITZ! OS offers a control panel is available by typing, simply, the address bar “”. Once you enter a lot of data and settings are shown on the Internet, telephony, home networking, wireless, DECT and more. Ease of use, configuration and high security are the peculiarities of the integrated firmware in all the FRITZ! Box.

So, as you can understand, FRIZT! Box 7490 is the ideal choice for all those who are looking for a high quality product, where performance and stability are the key words and each offer has been optimized to ensure the best possible user experience.