FretX will learn to play the guitar


If you want to learn to play the guitar, you can sign up for courses, find the video tutorials on YouTube or download a special training application. But if for you it is too difficult, then kraudfandingovoy platform Indiegogo now there is a fundraiser on a device called FretX, which helps to quickly learn to play the guitar. The device is a combination of special lining on the neck and mobile applications. The small light-emitting diodes, which are located under the strings, indicate where you want to position the fingers in order to get the right chord.

The mobile application database includes 93 major chord, having learned that you can perform almost any song. Moreover, in the annex, there are the songs, and help them to fulfill FretX.


FretX also allows you to find the right song on YouTube and learn how to play it on the guitar. in addition, the application is available mode of training to improve skills.

Order FretX possible on Indiegogo for . $ 69


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