Have you ever wanted to feel like a detective? The detective who unravels the most complex crimes, sometimes not even coming out of your own living room? Modern gaming industry offers a variety of ways to try on police uniforms and distinctive look fasten icon. For example, in L. A. Noire from Team Bondi and Rockstar Games. Or Murdered: Souls Suspect. Some people go further and offer fans of interactive entertainment story about Sherlock Holmes or a thriller about a maniac killing children, leaving their bodies origami figures. Of course, not all games are obtained equally good, but that trend. Fortunately, he got up to the mobile industry, only in a very strange way.

Sriminal Sase

In Criminal Case is not just was chosen to be the first game on the list. It is at its best example to explain the essence of the detective genre in games, their structure, mechanics and meaning.

Сriminal Сase

Once upon a time on a PC, there the whole direction, conventionally called “Quest for the hidden object.” All you need to do gamers – look “of items”, solve simple puzzles and enjoy the story. So, Criminal Case – typical casual-adventure, but without combining objects in general


The role of the police, you unravel the crime, looking for clues, obsleduete them in the lab, interview suspects and a verdict – guilty or not. The gameplay is simple, like a light bulb Ilyich, and should be tightened, but … That’s right – F2P-model. Probably will not find in the whole Play Store games, which is so active is not allowed to earn stars, required to carry out certain actions. Nevertheless, Criminal Case – well-made product. Just with its own characteristics. Start with a note “for the patient.” The remaining risk of Zen know ahead of time.

Zveropolis: Hops investigation

In the early nineties with children’s games, things were good. the shelves were filled with a great platformer, inspired by Disney cartoons. Darkwing Duck, DuckTales two parts, in the face of charming little chipmunks Chip and Dale. Choose from what it was. One bad: over the years the industry has grown along with gamers, and today a good game for children to find more complex than classical Shurika the bar for hipsters


Зверополис: расследования Хопс

Of course, a pleasant exception to the rule occur (including entertainment venues), only per Ratchet & Clank exists a small car and truck on the other side of hell burial Steam. Fortunately, on the mobile front is not all bad, and “Zveropolis: Hops investigation” – a clear confirmation of


Like the other representatives of the genre in “Zveropolise” have to look for items, clues, compile a picture of the crime and bring to light (that arrest) villains. Just done it in a deliberately childish style. Here, for example, do not look for parts of a corpse in the garden. Donat is, yes. But it is not annoying.

CSI: Hidden Srimes

Ubisoft has to hate the endless issues of Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry in the prehistoric period, but the hard work these guys obviously did not take away. For that year in a row Publishing maintains its reputation by releasing consistently good, though not a wide variety of video games for all available platforms. Smartphones and tablets have become not the exception.

CSI: Hidden Сrimes

No, we’re not talking about the wonderful and incredibly beautiful runner based on the Rayman universe. Yes, and reissue the classic issue about this animal, too, mention will not. It’s about CSI: Hidden Crimes – a title created for the franchise of the popular television series and who managed not to sink into a cesspool full


Among all casual quests Hidden Crimes highlighted deliberate logic. Here, for example, in the living party girl killed not find a bar or a horse saddle. Also, the stars are earning just enough, in spite of the typical for this kind of entertainment-the F2P model. Recommended for the inspection.

Blacklist: Conspiracy

As we have already mentioned, the complexity of working with a “casual quest” is their total uniformity. Of course, any member has the characteristic features of the genre, but it turns out to see them, if you spent every several hours. Alas, for the simplicity you have to pay. Fortunately, Blacklist: conspiracy – a bird of a different flight


Blacklist: Conspiracy

Frankly, we were pleasantly surprised when on Itunes and Play Store expanses stumbled upon this product Gameloft. Firstly, there is in the BlackList amusing storyline. And secondly, in the case of detective games for mobile platforms seldom have to remember what this had to do ten minutes ago.

In contrast to the vast majority of representatives of the genre, play Conspiracy accounted for a secret agent scouting for a sinister terrorist organization. In addition to the immediate superiors to your alter ego helps influential criminal. On whose side to side? Up to you.

Department of special investigations

Complete this text should be a game that is very different from the classic F2P-quests. “Department of Special Investigations” – almost the only mystery title in the Play Store, which does not use Donata system, but offers gamers a few hours of fun. Of course, not everything is so simple, but …

Отдел особых расследований

Plot is something just everything is simple. We are looking for items, interview witnesses, and draw conclusions. Different “Department” a good storyline and … “prehistoric” approach to mobile geymdzaynu. Would you like to need to advance the plot of evidence extracted by one click of fingers? Not in this life! Here it is not. But – delays


And now the bad news. Lack of F2P – a consequence of … truncated. That’s right. The Google Play Store is loaded, in fact, extended demo. Pretty bulk, there will not argue, but ending with the most interesting place. Alas, today is the price of a free lunch.

Lyricist: Oleg Belyaev

Source: 4pda.ru