Frameless Slider ZTE – concept or reality? (9 photos)


Experimental Frameless smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix, which became available to the buyers, made a lot of noise, and now ZTE demonstrates renders unusual frameless slider. According to preliminary data, the future novelty with a mobile panel, which opens access to the speaker and the front camera with LED-flash, not only remain a concept on paper, and will hit the market, diversifying the composition of Nubia line

 frameless slider ZTE. - ? concept or reality (9 photos)

The manufacturer will prepare five types of rear panels with leather, aluminum,? wooden (two versions) and plastic surfaces. Perhaps they are interchangeable and can carry not only an aesthetic function, but also practical, for example, place a second battery

 frameless slider ZTE -. Concept or Reality? (9 photos)

According to render the front side completely” edge to edge “will take the display with touch-sensitive buttons below the lower end of the housing will be located port USB Type-C and 3.5 mm headphone jack, on the rear surface -. main camera with LED flash and a fingerprint scanner volume rocker and the power button will be placed on the right side of the smartphone

 frameless slider the ZTE -. concept or reality? (9 photos)

Unfortunately, information about the internal content of the frameless smartphone-slider is not as whether it actually sees “light” and, if so, when. Besides, history may repeat itself with a ceramic, and therefore fragile, Xiaomi Mi Mix, which is produced in limited edition
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