The spree weekend of Black Friday is now ready to go down , and if you are looking for somewhere new to try to play with your new smartphone pat taken at bargain prices here are satisfied. We have selected four.

Hop Swap – It is a platform / puzzle back very well made, where the game board is divided into two equal parts horizontally. The two “worlds” are specular to one another, with the dividing line that serves as the center of gravity; to solve puzzles and progress through the game you need to “switch” between the two worlds.

The controls are very simple: everything takes place with the swipe in the four cardinal directions. The levels are varied and the challenge is adequately complicated to keep even the most avid players engaged. The download is free, but there are in-app purchases.

Hop Swap | iOS | iTunes App Store Free
Hop Swap | Android | Google Play Store Free

Do not Grind – A very nice arcade with different funny characters and drawn doodle style. Our aim is to fight against gravity and avoid ending up in threatening chopper blades that are located in the bottom of the screen. As you progress through the game, they will appear more and new hazard: laser beams at certain positions, movable blades and so on.

The controls are both simple to understand but difficult to implement: a tap to jump to the top, a swipe to the right or left to move to the side. Many characters to unlock and the objectives to be achieved in this race against time. The download is free, with in-app purchases optional.

Do not Grind | iOS | iTunes App Store Free
Do not Grind | Android | Google Play Store Free

Archery King – This game has arrived on Play Store in early November, and since then it has already been downloaded over a million times; sign that forever continue to taste. It is a shooting simulator with a bow with the opportunity to increase their skills and their equipment in detail as you go along.

The game, developed by, is available for free download on both Android and iOS. Of course there are optional in-app purchases that allow you to progress more quickly through the various levels. Here are the links.

Archery King | iOS | iTunes App Store Free
Archery King | Android | Google Play Store Free

Icarus: a star’s Journey – It’s a few days left for casual arcade devices Apple characterized by a minimal / dream / relaxing. The aim is to help a fallen star to get back into the sky in his “colleagues.” The levels are procedurally generated, which means very high replay value.

I controls are style “sling” Angry Birds: you drag and drop, the direction and power are determined by the position of the finger at the time of issue than our star. The “hits” can also be made on the fly, while the star is still rising; the aim is to proceed as much as possible, collect coins for upgrades and avoid obstacles. Of course later on you go with the game becomes more complicated the situation, with increasingly dangerous obstacles which inevitably will also start to move.

The download of the game is free, and as usual there are in-app purchases. Here is the link:

Icarus: a star’s Journey | iOS | iTunes App Store Free Source