engineer Daniel Calgren Pennsylvania dealing with the study of Lake Kyle, suddenly found its bottom smartphone. Namely – Apple iPhone 4.

Capturing gadget with him, he brought him to order. Clean any dirt, dry thoroughly, and, after a couple of days, luck included. it sounds incredible, but the phone has been fully operational!

owner Search will return results. it was found that a certain Michael Guntrum lost your gadget in the early spring of 2015, accidentally dropped into the lake during the winter fishing.

Since that time, the pond had obmelet. So, in fact, the smartphone was eventually found not under the water column, and under pyatnadtsatisantimetrovym clay. In addition, he was in the bag.

It’s funny that Apple employees occurring totally amazed. They argue that this has happened, but it was not made public.

Apple iPhone Survives 18 Months at the Bottom of an Icy Lake – “Lost my phone today,” he wrote in a Facebook post on March 2015. “Long story short Ice fishing, + hole in. ice = iPhone at bottom of lake. ” That was the status of Michael Guntrum over a year ago after losing his Apple iPhone 4 while ice fishing with his buddies.