Foreign critics were satisfied with the Final Fantasy XV


Apparently, fans of Final Fantasy are not in vain for ten years waiting for the fifteenth numbered part. However, at first it was called Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and only in 2013 it was announced that the change is not only the title but also the development of the head – a place Tetsuji Nomura (Tetsuya Nomura) took Hajime Tabata (Hajime Tabata)


Despite the fact that the high marks put almost all publications, many components of the reviewers reacted differently. On Kotaku talk about “amazing characters”, and on GameSpot they considered “superficial”. At the same Kotaku ride around the world by car find fascinating, and VideoGamer reviewer writes, “and not like” it.

But almost all agree that the combat system is simple and at the same time fun, which makes every fight exciting. By cons, many carried the story, which does not present any surprises, and in general is not among the strongest components of the highly anticipated JRPG from Square Enix. And to finish the main quest line just 20 hours. Side jobs also been criticized – they are often banal and monotonous. But the journalist the Polygon for example, says that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages of everything.

Final Fantasy XV will be released tomorrow on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Subtitles in the game translated into Russian. A full list of the currently available estimates is as follows:



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