Ford next year to start testing robotic vehicles in Europe, what informs resource TechCrunch .

There is now self-test fleet vehicles Ford has about 30 cars. During 2017 their number should triple, reaching around 100 units.

It is noted that in Europe, Ford plans to begin testing robomobiley in research centers in Germany and the UK. Obviously, then these machines will be tested on public roads.

experiencing the Ford vehicles with a particular level of automation for over 10 years. By 2021, the company expects to create a fully self-governing machines raydsheringa (search for travel and joint visits). Such robomobili will have no steering wheel, gas and brake pedals. To implement this plan Ford is working with a number of promising start-ups, as well as the doubles team of experts in Silicon Valley, and more than doubles its campus in Palo Alto.

These initiatives are part of the strategic plan, Ford Smart Mobility at the conclusion of the company in a leading position in the field of communications, mobility, autonomy of the vehicles, as well as the analysis and the use of large data arrays.