Ford will begin to test autonomous driving in his car in Europe, nothing for now Italy


Ford is one of the automakers that is investing more in development of autonomous driving car . The American company plans to launch in 2021 a fleet of cars that drive themselves to be used for taxi services and car sharing .
The development of these prototypes is already at a very advanced stage and many cars are being tested in several US states.
Now Ford has announced plans to bring its prototypes also in our continent, with the first trials will start in England and Germany.

Thomas Lukaszewicz, Manager Automated Driving in Europe, said about it: “ It ‘important to extend our testing in Europe, where the road codes vary from country to Country. Ford has also commissioned a survey in Europe on the cars to autonomous driving. Among the most interesting data, only 16% of the sample of 4000 respondents would trust these vehicles to transport their children to school. One wonders how they would do it in Italy.

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