At the event dedicated to the presentation of the new Fiesta, the Dearborn automaker has announced that it will bring the testing phase of their vehicles autonomous driving even Europe . Will happen next year, when Ford will introduce on the roads of the old continent the same technologies already under experimentation for some time now in the United States.

The goal of the Blue Oval is to get in 2021 to propose a self-driving car dedicated to ride sharing can handle independently all stages of the guide, in a perspective of evolution of the concept of mobility . We talked about the project Don Butler (Executive Director, Connected Vehicle and Services Ford Motor Company), on the occasion of an event dedicated to the developer community was staged in Berlin in early September. This an extract from ‘ interview which emphasizes how the early benefits of these technologies will cover public transport.

We have announced that in 2021 we will produce a vehicle for autonomous driving, a kind of Robotic Taxi Service. Not a car that everyone can buy, but aimed at the public transport services. We think that for a bit ‘of time this type of car will not be accessible to everyone, for several reasons: first of all for the cost, then why do we see opportunity real and immediate in their use for public transport. It is here that you will see the first innovations related to autonomous driving.

The initiative is part of a broader process, which has long seen Ford committed to support its role as an automaker to provider of mobility solutions based on advanced technologies and even more on the concept of Smart Mobility . In a context of this type are of law projects related to autonomous driving and big data, just to give two examples. The same time the arrival of self-driving car in Europe, the Blue Oval will intensify its efforts on the program in the United States.