When do you usually play on your Android and have a terminal with the keypad on the screen you will have probably ever you had problems with immersive mode. Many apps, especially those who already have some years behind not force the device to display full screen, and therefore we will be playing with the navigation buttons on the right side having to rescale resolutions. Very annoying.

Full screen to touch

With Fulscrn we can put any app in full screen, regardless of whether it is a game, a chat or a streaming service. There are many similar applications, but, after trying one after another is quite clear that is is the simplest resultona functional and well adapted very well to the style of Google material design. If you opt for using some similar you must be careful because malware was detected and advertising push in some malicious applications.

To activate just have to leave this wonderful tool open in the background and activate the immersive mode from the notifications panel, it is somewhat cumbersome, but in his pro version (which we recommend enough) we can schedule to be activated directly by opening certain applications, which makes it much more comfortable.

To complete all this, also has options screen filters and borders and can adjust their opacity and color but do not have a very clear utility.

Little else is there to say, no more be playing and go home careless or videos you losing much of the screen of our terminal, if you play or consume multimedia content on your mobile Fullscrn is indispensable. Download it now, we let down the Google Play Store link.

Google Play Store Fulscrn (Free)