The preparations for the upcoming prolonged space expeditions reveal new challenges which will face the pioneers. One of the problems can become banal, “going to the toilet” without removing the suit and the use of arms. today, when the flight to the ISS and back astronauts used diapers adults, but this is a temporary solution, and their use of time is not great. long wearing this forced wardrobe items provided, as released waste products during prolonged contact with the skin cause, at least, irritation, and even at all can be a source of infectious disease. Modified Advanced Crew Escape Suit, a new generation of autonomous life support system suits NASA’s, designed for 144 hours of wearing (6 days), which means recycling system must be of a something more sophisticated and practical.

 For the solution of the

Management Agency decided HeroX announce a national competition for the solution of such a delicate but vital issue. The winners will be the three inventors whose constructive ideas are best suited for use in space suits for long distance travel. It is important to come up with a system of natural processing of human waste is not occupied too much space as the modern suit is very tight, but the work must be calculated per 1 liter of urine and 75 grams (and 75 ml in volume) of faeces per day. Women should also provide a method of collecting and processing of menstrual flow volume up to 80 ml / day. Developers should understand that use spacesuit for astronauts to be in zero gravity, and possibly in a vacuum and therefore it is important that he always remained sealed and the system under no circumstances did not allow failure, and “leaks” inside.

The competition will run until 20 December 2016. Currently, the application for participation has already sent more than 12 thousand enthusiasts from around the world

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