Every week held a new Hearthstone brawl – it is a separate mode where constantly offered unusual rules and reward becomes one set of cards. Now, Blizzard has decided to slightly change the format and offer the so-called heroic fights.

Those who wish to participate need to complete the set of the collection and start the fight. After that, you can not change the cards: this deck should try to win as many as possible matches. By and large, the heroic fight has a little different from the normal mode, except that here, after three defeats the player gets a reward and is forced to re-buy a pass.

It is a pleasure 599 rubles. or 1,000 gold coins. To get a plus, it is desirable to win at least nine games – in this case the player gets sixteen sets of cards. If luck is not on the user’s side and he will not win even once, he will hand over only one set, although 1000 gold he could buy as many as ten. But twelve matches won his bestow 50 sets, three gold legendary maps and other bonuses.

“We hope that the heroic fights arouse the competitive spirit of those who are not afraid to take risks for the sake of the good rewards. They will appear in the game very soon, stay tuned “– Blizzard added