Late last month was know that Samsung plans to upgrade to Android 7.0 Nougat transferred to Galaxy S7 smartphones and Galaxy S7 Edge all program features that were introduced with the Galaxy Note 7, including those associated with the ever-active display Always On Display. It seems that the manufacturer has decided to speed up the process, as the owners of Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge began reporting the availability of small updates as small as 8 MB, which is making some changes to the Always On Display Mode.

After installing this update, adjust the clock, calendar and images Always On Display function will be reset to the standard digital clock. Samsung also removed the previous two calendar type, replacing it with a new digital. The clock can now be configured by their style, color, background, and so on. Additionally, you can display the screen off any inscription by its color and font. When playing music on the lock screen displays the song that plays at the moment. If you are using a proprietary S View covers or cover-keyboard, now Always On Display understands this and will display information only on an open area of ​​the screen.

Also, Samsung has reduced energy consumption during use Always On Display. In an hour, this function “eats” less than 1% charge.