Flickr: the most used cameras are still those of the iPhone


Flickr returns timely to update the statistics for the end of the year thanks to which it is possible to trace the habits of users and the evolution of the digital photography market (or rather, of a certain part of this market). The 2017 update does not reserve surprises for macro trends: smartphones are more used than reflex cameras, mirrorless and tip and shoot and iPhone dominates the ranking of the 100 most used devices for upload photos to the platform.

Compared to the data for the end of 2016 the gap between smartphones and other types of cam is growing further and to make the most of the costs are the cameras point and shoot which go from 21 to one hundred of the devices used by Flickr users in 2016 at the current 12 percent. It & # 39; a fact that is not surprising, given that it is the most suitable camera type to be replaced by smartphones, whose spread in parallel increases (from 48 percent in 2016 to the current 50 percent).

SLR cameras are also growing (from 25 percent in 2016 to 33 percent) and, even if only marginally, mirrorless (from 3 percent in 2016 to 4 percent).

Apple dominates among the top brands with iPhone 6 iPhone 6S and iPhone 5s followed by Canon and Nikon . The positions of the three brands do not change compared to last year, but the trends are: iPhone continues to gain ground and brings the percentage of diffusion among users to 54 percent (47 percent in 2016), while Canon and Nikon remain substantially in stall – one percentage point less for Canon (24 to 23 percent) and share unchanged for Nikon, still at 18 percent.

E & # 39; correct to remember that the Flickr statistics are able to represent only a certain type of " users of cameras " and not all the trends in the digital photography market. These are users who are interested in both taking and sharing photos, receiving opinions, impressions and comments from other users of the community. It & # 39; It is easy to understand that these needs are met immediately with a device connected like a smartphone, rather than with more traditional cameras. In the flagship-shoot-share iPhone proves once again to be the most appreciated by the public of Flickr.

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