Fitbit would be interested in acquiring Pebble the historic name in the wearable device market. The news has not yet considered official, but was confirmed by several sources, as of The Information . An anonymous source contacted by engadget has estimated that operation will cost 34 million to 40 million dollars Fitbit . The hypothesis does not seem far-fetched, given the difficult financial situation faced Pebble, determined in part by the dynamics of a market segment that still has several weaknesses.

The company that has made a crucial contribution to the creation of a market of wearable, before other brands, including Fitbit, cavalcassero the novelty wave, cut the workforce by 25% in spring 2016 – to the sources – evaluated the sales assumptions on other occasions – obtaining, inter alia, proposals also more advantageous than the one currently formulated by Fitbit, for example, that of Citizen that in 2015 would offer 740 million dollars; between previous Intel also purchase candidates with an offer of 70 million dollars. Rejected proposals and unresolved financial problems that have apparently contributed to further reduce the proposals until you get to ‘only’ 34 million to 40 million dollars to which reference is now ..

Lawful to wonder what will be the fate of Pebble after the acquisition by Fitbit. In this regard, The Information adds that goal of the Fitbit is get hold of the intellectual property and technology developed by Pebble to use it, of course, in their wearable. It follows the ‘ assumptions of the final disposal of the brand . Please note that the information just reported have not yet been confirmed by the two parties . They expect, then, further evidence.