Pebble is one of the best known brands in the field of wearable, company famous worldwide for the great success of the fundraising campaigns of Kickstarter his smartwatch .

Unfortunately, this company is not going through a great moment, crushed by competition from Apple and Samsung big industry, and was forced to lay off 25% of staff in March, also losing several key executives.

According to the latest rumor, Fitbit would like to take advantage of the Pebble situation to get their hands on the company for an amount of between 34 and 40 million dollars.

A very low value whereas in the summer of 2015 Citizen wanted to buy it for 740 million dollars; operation blocked by CEO Eric Migicovsky who had also rejected an offer of 70 million from Intel.

Always according to the rumor leaked at this time, the intention would be to Fitbit Pebble possession of know-how with the consequent disappearance of this brand from market.