The developer of portable devices for fitness and health Fitbit, reported online sources, is in talks about purchase of Pebble.

the Pebble, we recall, is the founder of the family of the same name of “smart” watches. The company has repeatedly launched a Kickstarter-program to raise funds for the release of their devices, being able to collect a total of more than $ 40 million. However, this did not save the developer from the financial problems.

Thus, in the spring of this year was forced to Pebble report on the reduction of 25 per cent of staff (about 40 people). The company has already received at least two offers to buy. In the summer of 2015 of a company trying to buy Pebble Citizen Corporation for $ 740 million, and in early 2016 the first was proposed by Intel in the amount of $ 70 million. But the deal never took place.

It has now been reported, the Pebble can still be sold, and the buyer will make Fitbit. It called the price issue -. From $ 34 to $ 40 million Such a significant reduction in the amount compared to the previous quotations indicate serious problems in Pebble


However, officially about a possible deal has not yet said anything. If the sale Pebble still held, Fitbit will have at its disposal the intellectual property of this company.