Quite unexpected news began the morning of the first day of winter. The Information Resources reported that Fitbit company which is a market leader in wearable electronics and activity trackers, is in the process of acquiring the Pebble, which is known for its clever clock.

Allegedly, the cost of the transaction amounted to only 34-40 million dollars. In fact, as it turned out, before Pebble has wanted to buy, and at much higher prices. Last summer, Citizen offered for the company 740 million dollars, and at the beginning of the company would like to buy the Intel, offering US $ 70 million.

Since that time Pebble has lost a quarter of its employees, including several key leaders. At the Fitbit, despite the ever-increasing sales, the situation also deteriorated in recent years. Buying Pebble can help the company to gain a foothold on the smart watch market where Fitbit is not represented. However, it can be assumed that the Pebble mark in this case, will be abolished.

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