If the long-visited the idea to buy a smart watch the Pebble, you should hurry up with the purchase. There is information that the Fitbit, a manufacturer of consumer electronics and handheld devices for fitness and health, is close to the closing of the acquisition of start-up the Pebble, conducted the uspeshnyyshie company on Kickstarter to raise funds for the production of smart watches.

it is alleged that Fitbit is only interested intellectual property of a competitor, but because the brand «Pebble» cease to exist. The exact date of the transaction were not disclosed, it is only about its cost data, which will be about $ 34-40 million.

reported Pebble startup that already some time ago began to search for a potential buyer because of the “difficult time”, which, according to CEO Eric Migikovski, it is for the company. Because of this, Pebble has already had to lay off a quarter of the state, and this despite the fact that in the 2015-2016 gg. projects of new smart-hour collected tens of millions of dollars on a Kickstarter site kraudfandingovoy

. Source: theverge.com

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