Only two days ago we showed you a video with the reactions of the first customers of the self-driving taxis Singapore , put on the roadside for a free trial from nuTonomy.

Now that those images are becoming viral and are doing around the world, by a strange twist of fate came the first problems. As reported by Reuters, and by some witnesses on site, nuTonomy a taxi, namely a Mitsubishi iMiEV, had an accident with another vehicle during a test.

According to the initial findings of fact, the 100% autonomous electric car made a lane change, but to his right oncoming van, and then there was a clash . As seen from a photo published on Facebook in the group then Taxi Singapore the damage is slight, and how does knowing the Land Transport Authority, There were no injuries . However, the exact dynamics is still being considered by the authorities.

The service is being tested in a limited-range district, although has just been expanded to 12 km action area, about twice the initial one. As provides for the regulation of Singapore on board there is always at least an engineer ready to take command in case something goes wrong, and the customers who decide to try it should not sustain any cost for these race. During the incident there were no passengers on board, but only two nuTonomy employees, who are not still managed to avoid the collision.