recorded in Russia

“Kaspersky Lab” recorded the first in Russia DDoS-attacks, Implemented through a connection secured by encryption.

Experts note that the encryption seriously complicates the work of specialized systems designed to protect against DDoS-attacks. During such attacks traffic decryption “on the fly” to analyze the content of network packets often simply not possible for technical reasons. This means that the efficiency of attack increases significantly.

Reported in Russia DDoS-attacks with encryption have been aimed at one of the well-known media. Criminals involved method WordPress Pingback, the essence of which boils down to exploitation of this vulnerability in the WordPress platform.

The scheme provides for the involvement of the attack sites built using WordPress CMS with Pingback mode enabled, initially set up to be automatically notified of updates to the authors of posts. Cybercriminals sent to such sites specifically created http-request with a false return address (the address of the victim), to which the server sends responses. Attack is formed from a stream of such responses, thus causing malfunction of the web property sacrifice.

In this case, the attack was complemented by encrypting the traffic flow in the direction of the victim. Such an attack can create a large load on the attacked resource than the standard, as the installation of an encrypted connection is more complicated from a technological point of view.