As you may have already figured out by other items Xombit games such as where we tell you where to find the secret room Minecraft, Shadow Warrior 2 is full of great easter eggs, and, on this occasion developers have not decided anything but embodied in a mural accessible only through a secret passage . Here we tell you how to access this mysterious area full of small details that will leave you with your mouth open.

Mural devs

To find this secret area we have to get to the cave Fang. Not have lost, the lair of the protagonist is full of recreational and chascarrillos painted on the walls machines, employs a little time to explore it, really worth it. Once there must turn left in the main hall that faces the stage and down stairs in which is written the phrase “We are the Wangs Resistance is futile”, nothing else do we find a fence with Oriental motifs, and the room in question.

not only find a huge image of people who have worked creating Shadow Warrior 2 holding the first vanilla copy of the game (if you have a drawing with pen penis, the view is not ten tricks), but that if we pay attention we will find some other funny detail ; The logo of the developer, a marijuana plant (only found in this part of the game), an image of juju (one platformer game in which you are working now), etc.

We leave a video below so you can find the room without problems:

We encourage you go through this easter egg and take a look for yourself to see how many things can you discover more apparently seen sure that will be enough. Remember to watch the blog, we will unravel the secrets of Shadow Warrior 2.