Shortly after their departure and have been discovered several easter eggs developers have decided to leave Shadow Warriors 2. Here we focus on one in particular is that appears as a fashion leave some reference to the well-known game of Mojang, Minecraft in almost all titles. Other examples of video games that one way or another there are secrets of the cubical world are for example Borderlands, Torchlight, Skyrim, etc. Here we have the exact location of this curious easter egg.

Cubes and ninjas

To reach the area Minecraft we get to the second part of the mission “ninja scrolls”, specifically the easter egg is in the area where we fight with the bodyguard who drops the key Dojo Kid. Once there seek a hidden on the left side of the hall passage, follow it for a while and destroy a wooden palisade with the katana hits, only after that you have to leave you fall down a hole. Remember you can tiraos without fear since there is no damage from falling Shadow Warrior 2 Lo Wang is too baddass to complain if you want a drop of 500 meters.

We leave you a video that you may guiƩis best:

Unfortunately inside the cave we find little thing; only a statue of fortune. It would have been nice to find a special weapon or an enemy of Minecraft, but as you can see in the video alone is a huge chamber of stone and earth which undoubtedly refers to the aforementioned game.

As we usually always say Xombit Games quite grateful that developers take the time to let small details like this in their games although they may be more or less inspired all are a pleasant surprise, especially if we find ourselves.

Do not forget stopping by here the next few days will tell and discover more of these easter eggs.