One of the reasons that had prompted the development team postpone the release of Final Fantasy XV was tied to a frame, however, too dancer seems that despite the extra time, the title has a few small problems.

Digital Foundry has in fact recently published its usual technical analysis which shows that on both console from Sony, Final Fantasy XV presents frame-pacing problems that automatically affect fluidity of the game.

The frame-pacing occurs because the frame remains on the screen longer than expected in that case you have the perception of the encounter drops in frame rate even if the game actually keeps stable 30fps.

The phenomenon, as reported in the technical analysis, occurs most of Playstation 4 Pro when using the graphics mode that provides a resolution in 4K upscalti . Digital Foundry has however stressed that this problem does not damage in any way the game experience and the overall quality of the product is still good.

Xbox One seems free of this problem However, the resolution on the Microsoft console is below: Final Fantasy XV, on Xbox One, in fact, it offers a dynamic resolution that never crosses the threshold of 900p.

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