Square Enix has announced that the role-playing game Final Fantasy XV since the launch on 29 November on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, sold five million copies. According to the Japanese press release (translated to English edition made Siliconera), these five million and included sales of digital copies of the game. Final Fantasy XV, thus, set a record for starting sales of all games in the series. It should be borne in mind that the report included shipped to stores copies of the game, so some of them probably have not yet fallen into the hands of buyers.

Final Fantasy XV – first game JRPG-series, which became available in all countries in the same day. The project also set a record for starting sales of all digital editions of the games in Japan.

Earlier this year, the director of Final Fantasy XV Hajime Tabata (Hajime Tabata) said the company is to sell ten million copies of the game that the project was “successful”. Later, he explained that it is “personal,” the purpose of the studio – it does not necessarily coincide with the figures necessary for the game to start to make a profit


Final Fantasy XV has come a long way. The game was announced over a decade ago, at E3 2006 and then called Final Fantasy Versus XIII. At E3 2013 the project received its current name. Release of the game postponed many times.

The first wave of foreign reviews was positive . Critics put the game high marks and agreed that the project simple and interesting combat system and very high quality-designed dungeons, but a mediocre story.