In FIFA 17 Ultimate Team (here you leave a guide everything you need to know to play) everyone wants to walkers. However they are so rare that there are still many users who do not know how they work, because they simply have not seen in your life. As we say, are so few that it is quite complicated to see .

Its name comes from a simple animation. When we opened on an animation with the best player on or one of the best we appear. Sometimes this much animation stops and a player appears behind the shield makes on, until stand in front of it. If ever we have seen, we have had a walker.

What are walkers FIFA 17

el camino fifa 17

Okay, so walkers have a more elaborate than the other players animation. It does not seem much. And basically, for some it is not, simply because are not the best players in the game but players who have spent several years at a high level in important leagues.

also we see players that meet those characteristics and are not walkers, and may have more media than others are yes, but EA Sports does things the way he thinks is best and what is there. Some users complain about these elections, but ultimately what we are interested in many of the walkers is to sell and it is appreciated that there are quality players who do not leave us for the price walkers.

Most important of a walker is worth a lot of money in the market. They are so rare and difficult to see, makes them high demand and low supply so prices soar. There are users who just want to have rare or special in their teams players, giving equal there may be others with better fitness, better rhythm, etc.

Probably no walker worth less than 40,000 coins so if we got one and place well in the market, it is very likely that what we gain can make a pretty good whole team, or fichemos two or three quality players to improve it. Okay, all clear, but how walkers are achieved?

How to walkers in FIFA 17


already know what they are walkers, and, in general, we will be very well sell (it should be noted that, if we already have a team of very high level and the traveler enters the league or nationality of our staff comes well keep it). Get them is no easy task, and statistics will cost us open many envelopes so that we touch one.

There are those who spend all their FIFA points in envelopes and opening hours are until you exit one, but with that amount of resources spent, sometimes you can not get profitable. Hikers usually come in envelopes 50K and 100K, and best one is to give everything flow naturally . Obcecarnos to buy envelopes and envelopes can be frustrating.

Play tournaments, play days, plays DRAFT and complete challenges template . Precisely DRAFT awards and templates will give us valuable addition to unique rewards envelopes, and is where users are more notice they appear walkers. That does not mean that we touch on all the envelopes to give us in these game modes, but the possibilities are real. Just play, have fun and sooner or later you will receive rewards.