A few weeks after ‘ output here comes the first update officer FIFA 17 . EA Sports has started the rollout of the update, which will be downloaded and installed fully automatically within the week by those who are in possession of a copy of the game for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One .

The most important news (or rather, what you will notice more) is the introduction of new official artwork for the Premier League . These are the elements used by broadcasters during the matches of the English league, completely redesigned at the beginning of the 2016-2017 season and that, therefore, the developer had not had time to include the launch in FIFA 17 . Here you can view an example, with the screen showing the formation of Chelsea, coached by coach Antonio Conte before a race. Everything has to be spot colors purple and blue color.

The FIFA 17 update introduces the new official graphics of the Premier League

Then there is the inevitable number of fixes and bugfixes designed to optimize the quality of football simulation. The full list is available on the pages of official website but among the most important you indicate a more realistic attitude offensive artificial intelligence, better management in the physics of the ball after shots that end up on the pole , the positioning of the goalkeepers on the corner, and during the celebration of a goal. Below is our video review.

EA Sports announced also, that you have updated kits for teams Velez Sarsfield and Tigre, adjusted the level of difficulty in the Ultimate Team mode and improved some details of Pro Club. As said earlier, download and l ‘ installation of the update will be done in a fully automatic manner within a few days. It is not clear if and when the same will happen for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the title.