All FIFA 17 users want to win many coins to make the team of your dreams, or at least to allow them to advance in Ultimate Team. In Xombit Games we have already told you what the best methods get many coins although succinctly and to focus on managing well to save.

Today we are going to have some of the ins and outs of tradeo a facet of the game with which, without sparing, we will make money. If we are good, we are attentive to the market and sometimes we’re quick, we can get many coins in a relatively short time. However, if you do not like to be ahead of the game in menu menu and you prefer to play, you may interest these other guides to exploit FUT Draft and challenges template .

Basic Tradeo in FIFA 17

tradear fifa 17

tradeo The good news is that we can choose basically two ways: the basic and sniping. As the house is better to start with the foundation, we first with the basics. This requires nothing special from us, just appetizing look the market for players generally not bright gold. Although eye, during the first months we will see a lot of users and form templates bronze plant, should keep an eye on.

What is now going to explain very simple, and that’s how everything in the world, it is as if we were at a securities market; what we seek is to buy low and sell high . And yes, it is possible, in fact there are certain players who usually work very well, but this is not fixed, things change slowly. That is, the market is alive and prices vary from one day to another.

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For example: buy Kagawa, a player who has been working well so far. We sell it for more than what we bought and we do a good business. We can search more times Kagawa but maybe hurt yourself, stop performing well and people simply forget about it. It is also possible that during the weekend make a luxury and performance demand increases while supply remains as it was.

There will also be other times a player that sucks bench all season is always highly valued because base in FIFA 17 is top. As can be the case Toure in the City neither will be in the Champions League but in the game is key.

But leaving aside the names of the players who work well (on youtube there are many videos on these players). The idea is to look at the market with tranquility always buy the bargains instantly and keep trying selling prices. If you are unable to sell a player, look at the market, perhaps its price has dropped and you are the only vendor who has 300 more coins than normal. Nobody will buy

Method sniping to trade in FIFA 17

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From this basic and understandable method for everyone, we turn to sniping. Something more pro, not because of its complexity but because must be very fast because yes, we remove them from the hands. This method is based on finding players with prices “buy now” very cheap, they can then sell for more, more coins between 200-300.

With a sale is not making a killing us, of course, but if we devote a while to hunt players end up having entered several thousand coins . To do well we have to put the filters properly. We must set a maximum price relatively low purchase between 600 and 800, and a maximum price from 1,000.

Come looking for, and if we find nothing, we lower the purchase price already and got the maximum price, so we make it a bargain. What is the problem? They probably have more people doing sniping and have to buy very quickly, which sometimes can acquire players to give us less profit, but it all adds up. We can also go up the purchase price and the idea is to make many searches because many users selling players sometimes ridiculous prices and that’s where we do business.

On that basis, there are many options to try: by league and position, name, position and nationality … Before we launch into anything it is advisable to apply these filters and seek without buying for a while . So we will check how the market works and how normal is that a player is at a bargain price. Depending on how we use these filters, we will make faster and less sniping, but the idea is to study those filters and use them to our advantage.