The FIFA 17 Ultimate Team mode is very interesting news to get those rewards we all dream. exclusive apparel, cards good for the team, stadiums dream … and of course, top players especially the desired walkers . All we ask is for our templates, or to sell everything on the market and become gold.

One of these developments are the challenges of templates . With this “minigame” in Ultimate Team, we can complete various challenges that give us access to unique rewards, such as those players who will make us millionaires or will become our captains on the pitch.

How the challenges of staff work in FIFA 17

desafio plantilla fifa 17

The mechanism of this “minigame” It is simple: every so often appears a number of challenges that can complete or pass, if we make a template with the players we have to meet the requirements of a challenge we will a reward . There are challenges in which a single template to do, and there are, the more complex and give us more rewards, they need four templates with different requirements to complete.

In the menu challenges templates’ll see how long we have to complete normally last one week how many templates must realize, what the requirements are, and what we will get reward: unique objects, coins, envelopes special …

Once the template and do deliver to complete the challenge, lose all those players so do not put any of your starting lineup. If you want to complete these challenges, we recommend that all that I fall into the envelopes, do not discard them automatically to get loans, because many of those players will be useful for these challenges. All players who do not want, guard them to complete the challenges template, and so, every so often, conseguiréis good rewards.

As more complex the challenges template, it will cost them more, yes, but better unlock rewards. EA has left us a series of exclusive items that can unlock these challenges, and can get even walkers which will give us a lot of coins in the market or our staff will complete dream.

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