In FIFA 17 Ultimate Team there many ways to get unique rewards, lots of coins and special players as those desired walkers. Recently we told you about one of the great innovations of this FIFA 17 challenges templates that can access completely exclusive rewards .

This time we’re back with a game mode which premiered at the previous FIFA and is great for fun and get good rewards while we’re with qualifying tournaments or the conference. Draft is FUT and we are going to tell you how to get good envelopes with unique rewards and those coveted walkers that we like to see.

How to play FIFA 17 FUT Draft in

fut draft fifa 17

Nothing has changed since last year appeared on our consoles and compatible. To play FUT Draft have to buy a stake per tournament it costs us 15,000 coins, 300 FIFA points or pass FUT Draft. Once inside we have to set up a template with players that leave us randomly, winning 4 games and receive our reward awaited.

We can do it offline or online, of course if we do online rewards are better . There is always prize so worth spending the entrance to the tournament, but if we reach the end, the rewards are usually very good and we can receive walkers. Besides many other good ones and cards that come us very well for the club players.

Win in FUT Draft and get walkers

Win in FUT Draft is not always easy, it depends on the luck we have with the players to give us a choice, we can get chemistry with them and then we do well ordering the template. The first is to choose the training they want, and then choose the captain for what usually give us several options TOP players only gold.

el camino fifa 17

The following players we choose will be worse, but almost always gold, and occasionally in the squad, players only see gold very good quality. We also pass this by choosing alternate. must take into account the chemical when choosing what our starting lineup, here we explain, for extended, how it works.

is always advisable to prioritize the same league players and / or nationality, as far as possible in this FUT Draft lottery. Once we have all the players, and before we go to play, should try them in different positions to see if we go up the links between them, and thus raise the chemical having a good overall assessment. You know, how much better chemistry we have, the easier we manage the team, and easier we will have to reach the fourth game of Draft and win the best of all rewards.

Right now they’re playing very good on, and there are many users who are receiving walkers, if not fit well into our template, the can be sold for much money, because they are the players most desired of all FIFA 17. therefore, well worth paying that entry to FUT Draft .