In FIFA 17 Ultimate Team we are always aware of the money we have. It is essential and being able to put real money to get FIFA points is tempting. But it is a shortcut to get something that the game itself gives us our effort and a black hole by which we are going our own money if we chop once.

FIFA 17 can be converted into a pay to win, but if we take hours and we are good, we can get everything ourselves. In Xombit Games I discussed some of better ways to earn coins very cursory manner. Today we are going to develop one of the ideas that we gave you, and if you aplicáis well, you can save you a lot of money, just being aware of everything you buy.

Get coins saving contracts in FIFA 17

plantilla desafio fifa 17

Profiling a coach is essential in FIFA 17 for many reasons. There are so many advantages to having one that is absurd that there are still people who play without a coach. If we signed a good one, improve chemical basis of our staff, and our team depending on where you stand, they can come to us some better than others depending on the style of chemistry you have. But most important is that bring cards Contract with which we can keep players on the team game after game, and this in turn improves loyalty chemistry.

But it is not the coach. We must be very attentive to when fichemos players because sometimes we go straight for the cheapest among those who see in the market, and that’s not always a good idea . Is ideal to start having good physical shape, we were so tired less, but if they come with cards contract at the cost of 100 or 200 coins, it is a unique investment. The final combo would be to come with cards fitness it costs more? well worth it.


We can loop the loop when these players are contracts run out. If our mission is not to spend a penny in these cards, we can
rule out players without contracts and re-buy contract with cards. Sometimes we will profitable, sometimes “lose” money, but eventually always win. If we want to get something more, we can also change tradearlos to wait longer.

Moreover, the interesting thing is have a second squad of players pretty decent because in this way if we’re going to save safely fitness cards. So the idea is to gain by making good investments: players and coaches with contracts and some alternates to save us all physical, we will gain much in exchange Champions FUT spend very little


If all these things is very difficult to do at first, you can become this template to play offline and gradually to make it better. The road will be longer because the rewards are less, but it may be a good idea to make the jump to online with a very stable workforce, and a ridiculous amount of coins.